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Diseases Don't Discriminate, Neither Should Clinical Trials

Creating Faster Clinical Trial Approvals to Democratize Access to Groundbreaking Therapies.

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Empowering Diversity

Embrace Inclusion in Clinical Trials: Empowering Women, Minorities, LGBTQ+ Communities, and Disenfranchised Patients to Access Groundbreaking Therapies with Faster Approvals.


Secure Clinical Trials Database: Safeguarding and Protecting Confidential Research Data with Robust Encryption and Advanced Access Controls.


Connected Patients Fuel Equitable and Diverse Clinical Trials, Spearheading Advances in LGBTQ+ and Women's Health.


Trusted Clinical Trials: Upholding the Highest Standards of Integrity and Safety to Deliver Reliable and Credible Research Outcomes.

Unlocking Innovations Together

 Our Collaboration Partners Drive Breakthrough Solutions

Why Choose Us

Revolutionizing Clinical Trials for Pharma and Patients.

Meet enrollment timelines

Our platform helps pharmaceutical companies enroll participants on time and avoid expensive delays using advanced tech and targeted strategies.

Efficient automated data collection

We streamline data collection for pharmaceutical companies, increasing efficiency and accuracy.

Improve the likelihood of coming to market

Effective patient recruitment, diverse participation, and preparation of Diversity Action Plans improve the chances for successful trial completion and regulatory approval, leading to innovative treatments reaching the market.

Meet The Team

Passionate Experts Working Together to Advance Healthcare

Dr. Nikhil Joshi, CEO
Dr. Martin Gershon, Chairman of the Board
Jenny Fernandez, Dir. Communications
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Driving Change for a Brighter Future

Our Purpose Behind the Work

Empowering patients in clinical trials.

Clinical Trial Hero app helps patients find and engage with relevant clinical trials, empowering them to explore potential treatment options and take an active role in their healthcare.

Efficient research: streamlining communication, data collection, and study management.

The Clinical Trial Hero app streamlines communication, data collection, and study management, optimizing research and accelerating medical advancements.

Using technology and collaboration to improve patient outcomes.

The Clinical Trial Hero app uses technology and collaboration among researchers to drive breakthroughs, improve patient outcomes, generate vital insights, develop innovative therapies, and progress healthcare.

Revolutionize healthcare through partnership.

Combine expertise & resources for innovative positive change.

Voices of Transformation

Testimonials from Those Impacted by Clinical Trials.

Stanley Saunders
Stanley Saunders
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Excellent app! Very user friendly and easy to use. Meditation music in each section is peaceful and lovely to listen to. Highly recommended!
Bella Andrews
Bella Andrews
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Great for relaxing, creating ambiance, peace, and calm...
Louis Hawkins
Louis Hawkins
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Hats off to the team for such a beautiful thought and collections...
Transforming Clinical Trials for Success

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